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[Sponsored] When To Say Stop In A Relationship

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1. When Someone Interferes With Your Privacy.

We are not talking about the jealousy now, but of course, it is the reason of many breakups. We are talking about the atmosphere of mistrust and possessiveness, which is created by an unduly partner. It’s can be your boyfriend who takes offense when you go to a meeting with friends of the opposite s3x, or girlfriend who asks: “Why do you need p@rn?”.

Where are you going? Who are you writing to? Why do you lock the phone? Don’t you trust me? Oh, you had a s3x dream. Was it about me? What does “no” mean?

It’s not about you unless you are a cheater.  It’s difficult to realize for someone that everyone desires for privacy and need to have it, and s3x privacy too.

If your girlfriend forbids to watch p@rn or to look at other women, or maybe your boyfriend gets angry when you mention your men friends, perhaps p@rn (or a good vibrator) will give you more than this person on the other side of the bed.

If it is come to reading your messages, you’ll need to run. You need to run hard. It’s going to get worse.

2. When Someone Orders What You Must Or Must Not Do.

We are not talking about prohibiting of illegal things or employers’ requests. We are talking about your partner, who controls you and makes you match into his or her demands. It can be your boyfriend who orders what you can wear or girlfriend who is against your desire to spend more time at work.

Why do you wear such a short skirt? This dress is so tight. Are you going to meet your friends or to have a secret date? Why do you have mane overtimes? You love your dumb job more than you love me.

The problem isn’t in your clothes preferences or your spending time choice, the problem is in the unhealthy desire to control. You should remember – you’re a unique personality and have a right to express yourself the way you want to do it… Your partner can ask you for some habit or lifestyle changes, but in any case he or she is not in charge to force you.

The question here is if you are ready or not to submit. If you understand that this role isn’t up to you, stop this relationship or you’ll convert into obedient partner and this will due to the role of victim. Are you sure that this is a kind of relationship you need?

3. When Someone Practice physical and Sexual Abuse On You

No one has any rights to hurt you. You have only two options. You could stay in this toxic relationship and ruin your life or kick your partner to the curb and enjoy the life. It does not matter if you do something wrong or not, no one has the right to abuse you.

Definitely, we don’t abnegate the existence of sadomasochism between lovers, but make sure that it’s really pleasantly and stimulating rather than humiliating and painful. No one could go beyond the limit without your permission. No one hasn’t a right to force you to have s3x. You are not obligated to do thing, which you don’t like or don’t want to do just because your partner asks you. No one has a right to do something without your consent.

Just leave. You are the only one who can stop this. To leave in this situation is a synonym to survive.


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