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21 YR-Old Patient Beaten & Injured By Nurses, After Refusing To Take Injection

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A 21 YR-Old Sick Patient, who was admitted at Parirenyatwa hospital in the Annexe department,Zimbabwe was allegedly beaten, injured and locked up by nurses after refusing to be injected.

The Paient (Stelios Christopouros) was battered on the 16th of october after he refused an injection, to which he complained he reacts to CBZ.

According to him:

“I was supposed to be given a CBZ injection and I refused telling the nurse that i negatively react to it.

“I wrestled with the nurses in order for them not to inject me and that is when they floored me and started beating me using a baton.”

Stelios further narrated that he was beaten by two males and a female before they locked him up in a room at the hospital.

He added that there is a security guard who even took his mobile phone from him saying that he shouldn’t be with a phone and has not returned it.

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Stelios sustained injuries all over the body.

However the Chief Executive Officer at Parirenyatwa, Thomas Zigora said that he does not believe that Stelios was actually beaten by the nurses as he is claiming.

He said investigations are being carried out to find what really happened.

“I don’t believe that this guy was beaten by our nurses.

“We have reports from everyone who was on duty on the day of the incident and no one seems to endorse that he was beaten by the nurses as he is saying,” said Zigora.

Zigora also said that Stelios was being forced to be admitted in the mental department by his relatives against his will.

He said Stelios was very violent and anything ‘can be expected from a violent person.’

Zigora said he invited Stelios to his office in a bid to understand the truth and settle the issue and he refused to honor the invitation until today.

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