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LEPTIGEN 512x330 - Leptigen Review 2018 – A Supplement Experts Opinion

Leptigen Review 2018 – A Supplement Experts Opinion

Leptigen Review 2018 – A Supplement Experts Opinion

With over 50,000 monthly searches on Google alone, there’s no doubt Leptigen is a
sort-after product. This article’s main aim is to breakdown Leptigen’s ingredients
under the microscope so to speak to see if this weight loss pills actually work and
what to expect from it. Lets dive into this Leptigen review 2018.

It’s always a daunting task when it comes to choosing a weight loss supplement. There
are thousands of products and hundreds of manufacturers to buy from. The money
question is why are there so many weight loss products if indeed they actually
worked? Simply because they’re useless.

If there’s a working product, it should be out there marketing itself but as we, all
know that’s not the case. The statistics are 98 percent of these supplements don’t

Here are the reasons why:

  • Ingredients contained in them have not been proven to actually reduce body
  • The ingredients are cheap and don’t actually work
  • Majority of users under or overdose.
  • Ingredients on the labels are falsified.

As dietary supplement expert, I know what ingredients can and should be used for
both weight loss supplements and fat burners. If properly used and in the correct
amounts stated in scientific research, they assist in weight reduction.
For a fact, ingredients in weight loss supplements are ‘weak’.

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What do I mean by this?

If a loss of between 2-3lbs is achieved with these ingredients, it’s considered
successful. Nonetheless, by your stands, that same result in 3-6 months just isn’t good
The most outrageous thing that supplement manufacturers do it takes the so-called
weak ingredients and markets them as potent and beneficial. Here’s what I mean…
A most commonly used ingredient in dietary supplement makers is CLA (Conjugated
Linoleic Acid). A famous CLA brand is Tonalin. Their official website Tonalin.com
portrays the product as a potent ingredient in weight loss.

However, this isn’t true.
CLA as a weight loss ingredient is weak; studies carried out on CLA concluded its
weakness as an ingredient in weight loss.

My expertise has helped me root out the good eggs from the bad ones. I’m able to tell
whether the dosage state of supplements promotional material actually back-up its
research data.
A glance at Leptigen reveals only four ingredients. Two of them are BRANDED meaning
there’s proof to merit it.

A Breakdown of Leptigen’s ingredients!

The first ingredient that I’m going to break down in leptigen review 2018 is
decaffeinated extracts from green tea.
This extract may assist in weight reduction. Nonetheless, the favored branded
ingredient for green tea as an extract is referred to as Teavigo. Its properties contain
high ECGC levels with low purities. Leptigen, on the other hand, doesn’t contain

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My assumption is, if they used it then it would be right there on the
supplement facts panel.
Furthermore, Leptigen official website claim from a study that green tea is potent as
a weight loss ingredient. However, it doesn’t state its efficacy and the amount of
weight one can shed.

The second ingredient is Meratrim. A brand ingredient manufactured by Lonza.
Although it has some convincing research under its belt, in order to get optimum
results you daily dosage needs to be two for a 4-month period. The price for a
month’s supply on Amazon is roughly $179-$187. Meaning you have to spend almost
$745 which to me is very expensive.

To add a twist to the tale, Meratrim is also contained in a supplement made by Life
Extension, which is under $30. You get an equal dosage of Meratrim usually 400mg but
for a cheaper price.

Leptigen’s third ingredient is chromium picolinate. This created a craze in the weight
loss niche a while ago, but it’s still used by some supplement manufacturers.
According to studies concluded, chromium picolinate is ineffective in weight loss

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Finally caffeine the fourth, which is found in a majority of supplements.
Manufacturers use it for various reasons. Many people’s obsession that the supplement
they are taking is actually producing results is euphoria. That why caffeine is included
in Leptigen.

The efficacy of caffeine for weight loss at a 75mg dosage is ineffective. It assuming
drinking half a cup of coffee helps with weight, which isn’t the case. Coffee doesn’t
assist in weight loss, why could 75mg of caffeine in supplements be effective.
From the four ingredients contained in Leptigen based on my assessment, only one
can significantly assist in weight loss.

The other three are useless. It makes no point
to make a purchase of Leptigen because you can get Meratrim from other
manufacturers at a cheaper price.

To finalize the leptigen review 2018, you must note that it's simply to remake
leptigen’s formula because its displayed on its facts panel. However, I wouldn’t
without doubt discard caffeine because it interferes with weight loss. I can confirm
that NOT using caffeine for any of your weight loss undertakings is the way to go.

Leptigen Review 2018 – A Supplement Experts Opinion



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