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Hospital Detains Man & His New Born Baby, Over Unpaid Bills In Rivers (Photos)

Mr Kalu Rowland and his newborn baby have been detained in a hospital in Portharcourt, Rivers State over unpaid bills.

Kalu was not just detained but thrown out by the hospital who watched him nurse his newborn baby under the staircase for weeks after his wife died giving birth to the child.

According to a Facebook user by name Daisy Mekpelilem Esor who took to the platform after she witnessed the pathetic condition.

She wrote and shared some photos.

Few hours ago, I was at the hospital to see my cousin who just gave birth and I saw this family under the staircase. I was moved to ask why a baby that is barely two weeks would be exposed to such unhealthy environment and I was told this story.

His name is Kalu Rowland. An okada rider. His wife Ifunanya Kalu who was in labour was taken to a hospital in Harcourt on the 5th of March 2018 but she died on the 14th of March at hospital after a CS Operation leaving the poor child and his Dad. Now the poor man needs the sum of one hundred and ninety thousand naira (190,000) to pay for the hospital bills but he has none and he has been detained by the hospital and made to sleep at the stair case for more than a week now because he cant foot the bills.

I know the hospital is made for business and they are not a charity organization so please let’s assist them. I gave them the little I could at least for their feeding so I’m making this post for their assistance . Please If you want to administer to them, you can send any amount of money you have to this number
Mary Ada Ekweche
First bank. Or to me 2180140840. Esor Daisy M. Zenith bank

I’m not asking for too much from you. Your 1000 or 2000 would go a very long way. Imagine if each and everyone of us would send 2000 Naira to them, I’m sure before Saturday they will be out of the stair case. Please inbox me if you are led to help or you can also call Kalu Rowland 09050802450, the bereaved to verify my story.

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